Steven Snasdell

Hi, I design and lead
multi-channel experiences
that solve business problems
with design thinking


Planning a successful user experience starts with understanding the goals and desires of users.

After 15 years of industry experience, I know that happens with thorough research and analysis, being empathetic, keeping a clear project vision and problem solving use-cases.


To engage the user, a well considered choice of interactivity and design is essential.

With a degree in visual arts, I'm passionate about understanding the creative capabilities of various digital platforms and keeping abreast of current design trends, to inform usablity decisions.


To truly understand how something works you need to know how it is put together.

It's the same when building user experiences. For me being able to develop, code, build prototypes and understand relevant API's is essential to conceptualising context relevant solutions.

What I Do

customer experiences
for brands, service
providers and products


Experience maps and blueprints to visualise, explore and communicate customer experiences.

Rapid UX

Agile prototypes ideation and development with continual user testing, analysis and feedback.


Native Apps for iOS and Android, and HTML5 Web Apps for mobiles and tablets.


Websites crafted and designed to respond and adapt beautifully to their environments.


Strategic use of social networks and API's into experiences that create connected content.


Award-winning second-screen experiences, red-button and connected TV services.

Selected Work

Channel 4 racing - Horse tracker

UX Lead @ Monterosa


How do you take live sports data and turn it into a simple consumable product for a casual fan of horse racing?

With live data supplied by Turftrax, Channel 4 had access to realtime positioning data for each runner of major horse racing events.


With access to this data, after brainstorming ideas, I created a prototype application, which positioned a graphical representation of horses on a race course and gave meta-data about their speed and acceleration.

This was built using actionscript and deployed on Android devices, to quickly demo to the client.


This prototype generated interest from C4 to invest and develop a native iOS App and an HTML5 web App, to run alongside the Grand National steeplechase.

Immersing myself in racing culture, I began to sketch out an early draft of the experience.


The App evolved and refined quickly through iteration cycles with the client, to a full set of wireframes.

This included a fluid user journey for audio synching with the TV signal, to ensure perfect synchronicity during the live races.


Working closely with the designers and developers, particular attention was paid to focusing on the automated screen transitions which led the user through the race.

Now you could track your favourite horse round Aintree like never before.

#1 free App

In 2013 Horse tracker had over 165,000 live unique users during the Grand National race and was the number #1 free App in the App Store.

Horse tracker returned for the 2014 Grand National with a four and half star rating.

Sochi Legends for MTG

UX Lead @ Monterosa


In November of 2013, with less than three months before the start of the winter olympics in Sochi, Monterosa began work with MTG in Sweden to produce a play-along and play anytime experience to fit within MTG's new social TV platform.


With tight timescales there was nothing else for it but to fly to Sweden and meet the clients face-to-face. Working together we sketched out ideas to piece together a UX plan for how the game should work and fit within their new experience.


It also gave valuable insight into Sweden's love of Ice Hockey, thereby giving a clear direction as to which of the Olympic sports we should focus the play-along experience around.


Back in the UK, I worked quickly to create a complete vision of how the experience would work, in order to ensure that a rapid transition to the development stage could occur.


This also involved the creation of a number of animated examples of how the end interface should function, to aid the client's and developers' understanding of what the final product would be.


Post Olympic data showed that the users of Sochi Legends showed a high commitment to repeat play.

The Million Pound Drop

Freelance & UX Lead @ Monterosa


In 2010 I was responsible for re-engineering the Million Pound Drop web based experience along side the second series. I made the moving of money within the game more intuitive and inline with the TV show.


After these changes, the play-along experience for the Million Pound Drop went on to win many industry awards, including a BAFTA for Digital Creativity in 2011.


I have looked after developing the user experience of this play-along since then, in addition to that of a mobile App for iOS and Android which also included a 24/7 play on demand version.


It has been one of the most successful second screen games ever produced. Over 4.5 million people have played along with the live TV shows, and the App has been downloaded over 2.5 million times.

Other Work

Adidas - The Office Group - All Blacks - Manchester City - Barclays - Million Second Quiz (USA) - The Voice (USA) - London Live, Audience Polling - Cowbell Rater (TV2 Norway) - Sky Sports Pub Challenge - Grow Wild (Kew, The Big Lottery Fund) - Oi Cancer, Race for Life - Top Gear Bingo (BBC Worldwide) - Rolling Stones By Request - LViS - Volkswagen One Thing, X-factor special - The Bank Job - Argumental - Red or Black? - New Look Style the Nation - Famous & Fearless - ITV Live, World Cup 2010 - Radio 1 Love 40 - Oxfam, Climate Change Challenge - America's Next Top Model - Four Weddings - BBC F1 Circuit Guides - Nestle School Fuel - BBC Wannabes - IKEA Be Brave Not Beige - BBC Get Cooking - BBC iMP (Beta iPlayer) - DTV Teletext
+ many more...

About Me

A hairy, bon vivant, good-natured, music lover, hard working, dedicated, passionate, humble, father of two, banjo playing, AFOL, optimist and nice chap